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Letter to Voters


For over three decades, I’ve served students and families in the education field -- first as a teacher, then a school principal, and most recently as a member of the Santa Clara County Board of Education.  I have worked with thousands of students and teachers and I have learned so much from those conversations. Too many students are being left behind by rising inequality in our schools. Too many students are struggling to get the individualized instruction they deserve. And too many students do not have access to the technology and tools they need--especially now that we are adapting as a result of the coronavirus pandemic


I am the only member of the Santa Clara County Board of Education with experience as a teacher and school administrator. And I believe experience matters. Each day, I am driven by the belief that every student has the right to a quality, public education, no matter their background or where they are from. I strongly believe and have advocated at the highest of governmental levels for high quality early learning for all 3 and 4-year-olds, especially those without the opportunity to attend due to access and affordability. Our children should not begin kindergarten already behind.


This drive is not only seen in my record with students but also in my advocacy on behalf of parents and teachers -- a record which I am proud of. For instance, while on the Board of Education, I worked to ensure parents have access to accurate information on school performance, by establishing an annual report for school accountability. I expanded teacher recruitment and retention and fought to protect $1.5M in funding for Head Start early learning programs. I worked with the County Superintendent of Schools and County Supervisor Joe Simitian to bring the issue of teacher housing and affordability to the forefront.


My experience bringing school district leaders and elected school board members together not only benefits our students, but our greater Santa Clara County community -- especially in unprecedented times like these. I believe we must collaborate across the state and local level to find solutions to make up for the learning loss among underserved students, including adding additional learning time to make sure these children get the education they deserve. It is imperative that we advocate for additional funding for students who don’t have the resources for distance learning.  


I’m committed to continuing to fight for Santa Clara County students on the board and I ask for your vote in the November 3rd general election to help me continue to stand up for a system of publicly funded schools that provide equity in funding, curricular opportunities and teacher quality for its students. 



Joseph DiSalvo

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