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Statements of Support:

Leon Beauchman

"Joseph DiSalvo's support for communities of color is needed more than ever. Recent events make evident that those students who have been traditionally underserved need strong advocates who are willing to stand for justice and equal opportunity. I hope voters won't forget the difficult positions that Joe's taken in support of our community."

"I remember explaining to Trustee Di Salvo my son was in school limbo - he had outgrown his non-public school needs and our district was claiming he would not fit in with public schools. I knew there had to be a way, I just did not know what it was. After hearing my concern, Trustee Di Salvo explained the benefit of inclusion, where instructional and behavioral strategies would be in place to allow a student like my son to be with his peers, and have his support staff come to him instead of being pulled out. It became clear in our conversation, inclusion was not just for the benefit of my son, but for all students."


Candidate for Trustee Area 3, San Jose Unified School District 2020 and Parent


"We need leaders who want to effect real change. We want those who understand the challenges that confront this county and state when it comes to educating our children. Joseph is a consensus builder. He is a champion for change. I cannot think of a better candidate than Joe to lead us into the next challenges ahead. His passion to see gradation rates increase and dropout rates decrease has never wavered. There is no better investment than we can make than our children's education. Joe gets it. He volunteers much of his time to the pursuit of a system of public education where ALL students succeed and failure is not tolerated."

"Your class and presence as the professor has made me challenge who I am and how I can help those around me, especially as a white woman who was born with privilege. I went out to the protests in San Jose yesterday and the amount of support people have for this movement is intense and beautiful. I plan to use my degree to continue supporting the people of this country no matter their race, gender, immigration status, sexuality, or any identity that exists within them. To keep this short, thank you for taking the time to be a professor and to teach students what inequality is, what it means to be privileged and how to use that for good. I’m a better student, employee, neighbor, and overall person because of what you taught me."


Matison Hall

One of Trustee Di Salvo's Justice Studies students at

San Jose State University

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"Joseph Di Salvo has been a champion for our children on the County Board of Education since the day he took office. He leads with integrity, transparency, and always looking for creative ways to improve schools so all kids can have access to a great public education.  Our community couldn't ask for a more thoughtful, committed leader.  His record makes it clear: Joe puts the needs of our children first."

*Affiliation provided for identification purposes only

From Santa Clara County Parents:

"Joseph Di Salvo has built his career, representing the San Jose community, and interacted with people in a fair and empathetic way. Simply put, he listens and seeks to serve our needs of the community and the needs of our children in education. His fairness is displayed in the Santa Clara County Office of Education board meetings and in his voting record. He stands with high performing schools. As a product of San Jose schools, and raising his family in San Jose schools, Joseph Di Salvo recognizes the areas of improvement and success for our schools. As a member of our community, we can trust that Joseph Di Salvo will represent our interest in a fair and collaborative way. We trust Joseph Di Salvo to represent the under-served among us with upright tenacity and resilience. Our community can entrust Joseph Di Salvo in advocating for our children’s equity and excellence in education. Joseph Di Salvo shares our vision for quality and equity in education for our children."

– Rosemary Scott

"I’ve known Joe DiSalvo for more than a decade and watched him serve on the County Board of Education with energy and integrity. When parents and students appeal to the Board, he actually listens. A former teacher and principal, he is knowledgeable about the needs of students.  His votes are laser-focused to promote the education and development of each student.  The children of our community will benefit if Joe DiSalvo wins re-election. That's why I’m proud to be voting for him for the Santa Clara County Board of Education."


Rep. Zoe Lofgren

"Joe DiSalvo has always been willing to take the time to listen to parents’ concerns. His extensive educational background, coupled with his long history living in the San Jose area, makes him a passionate advocate for quality education for all students in the area. He is a passionate supporter of underserved communities having access to great schools. He makes himself available to the community for community forums. There are many reasons why I support electing Joe DiSalvo. But I think that the number one reason would be that I believe he always trying to make the best decisions that will directly affect my children's education.

– Adelita Gomez

"Yo como mamá de RMS estoy agradecida con el señor Di Salvo por el apoyo a nuestras escuelas charters , sobre todo para las familias de bajos ingresos ,para que nuestros hijas tengan derecho a una educación de calidad la cual nos brindan las escuelas Charters, debido a que no contamos con los requisitos para llevar a nuestros hijos a escuelas privadas , el señor Di Salvo es una persona sencilla, sincera y sobre todo cree en nuestras escuelas, es un fuerte defensor de nuestro sistema educativo."

– Monica Gutierrez



"I have met very few professors as dedicated to their work as Joseph Di Salvo is. Whether it was before the pandemic or during our Zoom classes, he never failed to be passionate about the class. He doesn't need to make his class hard in order to make it effective. I have learned so much from him."

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