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  • What school districts do you represent?
    Trustee Area #4 encompasses San Jose Unified, Orchard Elementary, and a portion of East Side Union High School Districts.
  • When does the next election take place?
    For this seat on the SCCOE Board the election is every four years during the Presidential General Election. This year the election takes place on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.
  • How can I check the district I live in?
    Visit the county website, and enter your ZIP code here:
  • How can I register to vote, or check my voter registration?"
    Visit the California Online Voter Registration website:
  • Can I really register to vote before I'm 18 years old?
    If you are 16 or 17 years old, you can pre-register to vote! Joseph advocates for civics education programs to inspire our youth to participate in democracy. Select "Pre-register to vote" at the California Online Voter Registration website:
  • Where can I find voting information for Santa Clara County?
    Visit the County of Santa Clara Registrar of Voters website:
  • How can I get a yard sign?
    Visit the following page and enter your information to get a yard sign supporting the re-election of Trustee Di Salvo: Support Joseph Di Salvo
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